Tim A. Netzell

Tim A. Netzell

Of Counsel Attorney

Law School:

Tim has a bachelors degree from Northwestern College. He earned his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law in 1989.


Tim Netzell has joined Virtus Law, PLLC as Of Counsel. Tim has been certified by the bar association as a Real Property Specialist. This specialist designation is earned by leading attorneys who have completed a rigorous approval process, including an examination in the specialty area, peer review, and documented experience. He has prided himself on making real estate transactions easier for over 25 years. He has experience every step of the way in the legal process- from purchase agreements to title insurance.

Interestingly, Tim started his career as a Marketing Representative at First Security Title, Inc. in 1983. Beginning in 1993, he built one of the largest independent title agencies in Minnesota. In 1999, that firm was recognized as the Largest Remitting Agent in Minnesota. Yet, he managed to remain proactive after that, which he concludes is a key to his success.

He opened Netzell Legal Services, PLLC in 1989 and has been performing transactional real estate work ever since. Tim has handled everything from acquisition to construction, and zoning to leasing. He assists commercial and residential developers in obtaining, developing, leasing and selling their real estate projects. With extensive experience in purchase leasing agreements, zoning and regulatory issues, Tim’s clients can rest assured that he can help with any legal concern that presents itself.

Tim prides himself on serving his clients, he figures out what his clients need before they know that they need it. Because of this, he is still serving the same clients that the did back in 1989. His goal is to make them happy so they would refuse to go anywhere else.