MSP Services

MSPs face many unique issues resulting from the remote management of a customer’s IT infrastructure, especially due to the proactive nature of the services delivered and the subscription model of receipts. In addition, the remote delivery of services over use of interstate wires involves access to sensitive information from third parties, risk of loss from customer inappropriate use of software, copyright Issues and underestimating labor requirements associated with services. Additional pressures exist In the market place due to the Introduction of private equity group acquisitions.

Virtus Law has worked In the MSP space for years. Virtus Law has served as subject matter experts for national peer group organizations and Thomas Fafinski (co-founder) has had several national speaking engagements and guest host spots on MSP Radio. Virtus Law has lawyers licensed in multiple jurisdictions and has developed a national network of local attorneys It works with to deliver legal and business consulting services.

Services include:

Master Service Agreements
Service Level Agreements
Key Employee Retention Techniques
Entity selection and formation
Income tax planning
Privacy and Confidentiality Issues
Rampant mergers and acquisition environment
Onset of private equity investment in sector
Protecting your intellectual property
avoiding liability associated with handling customer
intellectual property
Buy-Sell Agreements
Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
Non-Competes and Non-Solicits