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We represent individuals and businesses through all stages of asset and business planning and protection. Our clients include privately-owned businesses, managed service providers, IT service firms, health care providers, real estate investors, banks. Often, we represent clients in more than one capacity.

John L.

I want to express my appreciation for all the help I have received from Virtus Law over the last few years. Initially I was referred to Tom Fafinski by my accountant regarding a tax issue. Tom went well beyond my expectations, talking me through my options during multiple phone conversations. I was very impressed with the caring, thoroughness and professionalism he showed me. I am working with Ryan at the firm now and I’m again very impressed with his knowledge and attention to our needs. In my experience, the quality service Virtus provides its clients is a common thread that runs throughout the firm, from the attorneys to the office staff. I am grateful to have found a legal partner that I can trust to work in my best interest. I don’t need a law firm often but when I do I use Virtus.

Mike H.

Tom and his team have handled a bunch of work for our firm and it all has been a very successful deal.

Mark Z.

I met Tom Fafinski through the real estate group MREE (Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors) in 2009. At the time, one of the big Minneapolis law firms was representing me in a real estate work out and was getting no where. I hired Tom and his partner Nathan Nelson and through some deft negotiations between them and the lender we were able to save the building for our portfolio. They also, in conjunction with our CPA, worked out the resulting tax problems very nicely. Since then, Virtus Law has represented me in a number of matters, all of which have come to, or I believe will come to, successful conclusions.

J. L.

I just wanted to thank you for setting up my phone call with Nathan.  Please let him know that I appreciate him giving me his time and advice.  He gave me a better understanding of how I should proceed with my legal issues.  If needed, I will definitely contact him in the future

Tim M.

Thanks to some great work by Tom Fafinski and his expert in dealing with the City of St. Paul, Steve Rose, the request to have property taxes waived on three homes has been approved by Ramsey County.  This decision moves us a step closer to self-sufficiency because it reduces our burden by nearly $2,000 a month.  Great work.

Jim Lund, CFP, MBA

CCO and Founding Partner at NorthRock Partners

Tom and I have worked with many common clients over the past 15+ years in the areas of asset protection, estate planning, real estate, business planning, etc. He is an excellent attorney who thinks outside the box. He can take the complex and make it simple which is important in communicating with clients. I recommend Tom in any of the areas mentioned above.

Scott Scanlon

August 13, 2009, Scott was a client of Thomas’

Tom has been our go to attorney for real estate and creative thinking for many years. I have recommended him time and time again and he has over delivered each and every time. I would highly recommend working with Tom in any capacity you can. Also Tom has a great sense of humor!

Jeff Peterson

1031 Qualified Intermediary for Tax Deferred Exchanges of Real Estate - Minnesota 1031 Exchange

February 17, 2009, Jeff worked with Thomas but at different companies

I endorse this lawyer's work as a business and real estate advisor. Tom has been a good sounding board for me and he doesn't hesitate to generously offer insightful valuable suggestions. Tom is a good communicator and super-networker. He embraces new technology (like LinkedIn) and is very personable to work with.

Joe Johnston

Branch Manager at Feltl and Company

February 5, 2009, Joe was a client of Thomas’

Tom does a great job of explaining asset protection, estate planning and income tax planning strategies to non-professionals. Rather than threatening a financial advisor’s relationship with their clients, he actually makes the relationship deeper and broader. Tom credits me to my client for recognizing opportunities for them that are outside my relationship (i.e. legal issues, tax savings opportunities) and, nearly always, he generates a return on investment in legal fees for my client. He believes that business owners and real estate investors should consider obtaining diversification by harvesting wealth, diversifying savings with non-privately held securities and does a great job of explaining the benefits of permanent insurance to these entrepreneurs. I think any financial advisor should consider including Tom’s services with existing clients and serious prospects.

R. Brian Raab CLU, ChFC

26 yrs Exp. Fin. Planner, (RR) Trustmont Financial Group / Investment Advisor (IAR) Trustmont Advisory Group

January 30, 2009, R. Brian worked with Thomas but at different companies

I have worked with Tom over the past 10 yrs with many mutual clients. Over the past 14 - 15 months have saved over 7 figures of income taxes with Tom's various planning strategies. Yes, Tom is an attorney that charges per hour for his service, but without exception has always been benefit tenfold or more of the legal fees charged.

Ted Capistrant

Founder/President at Profit Builder Network

January 25, 2009, Ted was a client of Thomas’

Tom has done an excellent job of helping several of my clients with inventive, thorough and timely results. He is a very valuable collaborative partner working with business owners that desire to think long term & maximize their life's work. He is especially effective when working within a multidisciplinary team of advisors when financial & tax stakes are high. He is very aware of the personal and emotional issues closely held business/property owners experience. All of this and personality too!

Aaron Keller

Hi. I’m Aaron, Co-founder of Capsule, a special projects agency.

January 20, 2009, Aaron worked with Thomas but at different companies

Tom Fafinski is one of those lawyers that you meet and when you walk away from the meeting you can't help but say, "Let's make sure he's always on our side and not the other." Professional, capable, savvy and one of a small batch of lawyers with a brand mindset. If you're considering Tom, know that life is better with him on your side of the table.

Renee Fossen

Director of Arbitration - FORUM

January 20, 2009, Renee reported directly to Thomas

Tom is a brilliant attorney who continually thinks outside the box. The difference between Tom and other high profile attorneys is that Tom cares.

Steve Hyland

Team Leader and Productivity Coach - Keller Williams Premier Realty. Woodbury / East Suburban

January 20, 2009, Steve was a client of Thomas’

Tom is not only a fine, trusted friend but clearly one of this area'stop attorney's. With my 30+ years of real estate Brokerage experience, Tom Fafinski is a recognized expert who I will continue to use for legal assistance but I'm also very happy to recommend him to my friends and clients. 

Michael Houge, CCIM, SIOR

Managing Director at NAI Legacy

January 15, 2009, Michael worked with Thomas but at different companies

As an attorney, Tom is second to none. He gets it. He understands that protecting the client does not mean you squash the deal. Tom is a deal guy. Real estate investment and relationships round out his strong points. I highly recommend Tom. I would not, however, bet too much money on the golf course with him.

Jeff Pelletier

Becoming and remaining great!. BEGINS with your Life's Core Purpose (tm)

April 21, 2008, Thomas was a client of Jeff’s

Tom's vision to reinvent the practice of law from reactive-get me out of trouble, to proactive- help me grow my business, is way more than a pipe dream. It is a true vision with real impact. If you want truly customer-centric legal representation, Tom Fafinski is the best in my view. 

Jason Cramer

Virtual CMO for Real Estate Brokers and Agents - Predictable Client Acquisition

February 6, 2008, Jason was a client of Thomas’

I have worked with Tom for many years and am consistently amazed at his extensive knowledge and expertise. He truly takes his profession to the next level. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Mark Galloway

Co-Founder & CEO, OppSource

February 6, 2008, Mark was a client of Thomas’

Aside from being a great attorney and providing excellent legal services, he is also a great business advice sounding board. His knowledge extends well beyond the legal realm and he is a great asset to have when contemplating serious business decisions.

Ronny Loew

Nat'l Sales Director - ProCirrus Technologies: All-Inclusive, cloud-powered IT for the Small to Mid Sized Law Practice

February 5, 2008, Ronny was a client of Thomas’

Tom is known by real estate investors and real estate professionals as a member of the who's-who, inner circle of expert advisors in the industry. He is an informative speaker who is generous with his time when it comes to helping local associations. Tom has strategies to take wealth creation through real estate to the stratosphere! He is much more than most would typically expect from an attorney.

Dan LeBlanc

National Sales at ROADSYS LLC, Specializing in Multi-Modal Data Collection, Bicycle, Pedestrians, Vehicles and WIM

February 5, 2008, Dan was a client of Thomas’

I would recommend Tom for any legal matter, especially in real estate. Tom is very creative, personable and can handle any real estate question that you may have. Tom also invests in real estate,so he practices what he preaches.

Edward Barder, Certified Public Accountant

Partner at Freeman Barder Lieberman, Ltd

February 5, 2008, Edward worked with Thomas but at different companies

I have known worked with Tom since 2003 in my capacity as a CPA and Consultant for various businesses and individuals. Tom has always provided excellent guidance and service to my clients through his ability to listen and comprehend the intricacies and legal issues that they individually face in the objectives they present. Every person or Company has a unique scenario and desires to have proper legal representation. Tom understands these issues and is able to guide them with sound legal and professional guidance. Tom is also a strong advocate for his clients, especially when it matters most. I would recommend you speak to Tom regarding your individual needs and I am certain you will find the professional service you seek in legal representation. 

Dr. Thomas McCoy

CEO at AppleWhite Dental Partners

February 5, 2008, Thomas was a client of Thomas’

Mr. Fafinski is hands-down the best attorney, creative thinker and advocate I have ever found. He has the unique ability to reverse-engineer projects and problems to the great benefit of his clients. I have used other attorney's for mundane tasks, but when I have an important issue, be it business, real estate or contracts; I always use Mr. Fafinski. I highly recommend him.

Our Clients Include

  • Technology Consultants
  • Banks and Private Lenders
  • Contractors
  • Trades
  • IT Managed services
  • Psychologists
  • Lottery winners
  • Professional Athletes
  • Real estate rehabilitation firms
  • Real estate brokers and sales persons
  • Machine shops
  • Plastic injection molding companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Branding companies
  • Law firms and Judges
  • Physicians and Health care Professionals
  • College Professors
  • Home Owner’s Associations
  • Accounting firms
  • Fortune 500 executives
  • Consumer Product retailers
  • Franchisees/Franchisors
  • Distributors
  • Financial Services Agencies
  • Business and Management Consultants
  • National Legal Content Providers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Commercial Building Owners
  • Landlords
  • Property Management Companies
  • Schools
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants