Business Succession

Business Succession

We work with our clients to reduce their overall income and estate tax burden. Our tax planning attorneys have varied backgrounds that enable them to bring a wealth of experience and practical solutions to the tax practice. Again, our solutions are geared towards those who have interests in privately-held businesses and real estate.

We have a very holistic and comprehensive platform for our estate planning. It is critical that your most important assets are distributed to the most important people in your life in a manner that is entirely consistent with your wishes.

We also are particularly pre-occupied with asset protection planning. We deal in advanced planning concepts [i.e. family limited liability companies, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts, medicaid asset protection trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, special needs trusts]. Despite the advanced nature of our planning, we believe that you should be able to read and understand your estate plan without having an attorney present.

We summarize your estate plan for easy reference and create a document which lists important participants in your planning, i.e. trustees, guardians, beneficiaries. We provide you with a nicely bound copy and electronic versions of your executed plan.

Virtus Law, PLLC works closely with clients to design and implement business succession along with estate plans that provide for and are tailored to their goals. An important first step to developing an effective plan is to understand each client’s life needs and succession objectives. We take time with each client in order to understand those needs and objectives in order to formulate a plan that minimizes estate and gift taxes and provides for the orderly transition of assets during life and death. Our attorneys are dedicated to designing and delivering individualized strategies for businesses and individuals in a cost-effective manner.