Zachary M. Wefel

Zachary M Wefel

Zachary M. Wefel


Law School:

Zachary graduated from University of St. Thomas and Creighton School of Law


Prior to joining Virtus Law, Zachary Wefel owned and operated Wefel Law Firm from 2013-2021, where he focused on small business planning, estate planning, and civil litigation.

Zachary lives in northeast Minneapolis with his wife Kimberly, a pediatrician, and their two dogs, Lacey and Bear.  He enjoys cooking, tennis, reading, and woodworking.

In 2015 Zachary co-founded and served as the inaugural president of the Minnesota Tool Library, a membership-driven nonprofit that provides its over 1,000 members with access to over 5,000 tools, two workshops, and dozens of classes a year.