Interested in Learning About Estate Planning?

If you are like most people, you have worked hard over your lifetime to accumulate enough wealth to take care of yourself and your family.  Estate planning is simply an extension of that care.  When you are gone you want to leave something behind to help take care of those you love.  But are you really helping them or hurting them with your estate plan?

In The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning Thomas Fafinski will help you understand the options you have when planning for your estate.  He points the pitfalls of estate planning from unplanned probate expenses and unnecessary tax burdens to thinking through how an inheritance can fundamentally change the course of your heir’s life and relationships and options to help you avoid or minimize those pitfalls.  The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning outlines Thomas’ estate planning philosophy to leave what you have earned with what you have learned.

Purchase your copy of “The Ultimate Guide To Estate Planning” by Thomas Fafinski today for $9.95.

Tom does a great job explaining, in simple terms, advanced methods of “sharing what you have learned with what you’ve earned” (love that phrase).  I have been in the financial services industry for decades and have not come across this thoughtful approach with any of the attorneys that I worked with formerly. This book is a very easy read and Tom addresses, very candidly, what’s wrong with current industry practices by lawyers as a relates to estate plan designs (and why they push clients into substandard templated solutions).

-Michael H.

I have worked with lots of estate planning attorneys and have had much exposure to the different ways an estate can be structured in my 30+ years as a financial advisor. Matching up people’s lifetime values with the distribution of their wealth after they pass is an elegant of a plan as I have ever seen. Tom’s book describes this process while explaining the estate planning and probate process so that a lay person can understand how it works.

-Jim L.

Don’t wreck your kids with your money after you pass away. Make their lives better and help them in ways that you would have helped them if you were alive and engaged in their life. Continue to teach from the great beyond the life’s lessons you accumulated which lef to your enhanced wealth position.

-Darien S.